Marian Devotional Songs

marian-devotional-songsListing most of the Mary devotional songs in malayalam. All the files are in MP3 or WMA format.

51 thoughts on “Marian Devotional Songs

  1. You have a wonderful collection of traditional Marian songs which every Malayalee Catholic has in his heart and would love to listen.
    May Our Blessed Mother bless you abundantly for this noble attempt.
    Thank you.


  2. I jus thought TODAY of hearing Marian songs during my ongoing pregnant period…God filled my wish using You all as noble instruments….being an instrument of GOD is really a matter of pleasure na….gbu


      1. Happy to let you know that “Ambike Nadhe Kanyake” has been added to the track list on your request. Its the third in the list.


  3. Excellent Collections !!
    It will be an extraordinary site if it also provide lyrics (pdf) and the piano notes along with it.
    Please Respond To This Comment.
    Thanks !!


    1. The link title is ‘ambike nadhe kanyake’. But the respective song is ‘athmavam daivame’. Please check that link. Kindly upload Ambike Nadhe kanyake. It’s one of my favorite Marian songs. Brilliant composition by Joy Thottan.


  4. Please suggest some songs (melody, semi classical and classical) for singing in ‘voice of goodness’ at Goodness TV.


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