Guru Charanam – Speeches of Fr. Boby Jose Capuchin

Guru Charanam Fr Boby JoseBelow is the list of Speeches taken from Guru Charanam Program of Fr. Boby Jose Capuchin, Fr.Boby is a good preacher of bible concepts. His simplicity and deep knowledge makes the speech really a heart touching experience

37 thoughts on “Guru Charanam – Speeches of Fr. Boby Jose Capuchin

    1. Thank you Fr. Boby,
      A frequent listener of Father’s talk, I have never come across such an inspirational, mystical and thought provoking speech. The language is lucid & flowery; anecdotes philosophy and thoughts spreads from contemporary poetry,film, drama to Ramayana, Purana, Buddha, Kabir, Sankara, Socrates, Sartre, Camus and Kahlil Gibran and what not. A great Pundit of our time. May the Good Lord give him many more years to inspire millions of souls.


  1. The most acceptable and practicable teachings.He tells us how to practice Jesus teachings living a normal life.The most interesting is his theory of dancing when in deep spirituality.He teaches us to be vibrant and cheerful being good christians.Thanks


  2. Dear Fr. Bob,
    Thru your “GURUCHARANAM” thoughts, you are creating a passion for mysticism is people. Thank God, for delivering you as a Prophet of this Era. I have seen Prophets like Mother Theresa (whom I had a chance to embrace) and Pope John Paul II. You are pobably the next to them. Blessed is the Womb that carried you and Blessed is the Parenthood that rendered you on the surface of this Earth.
    Let the Spirit of God deepens your depth of thoughts more and more so that his Living Word may become more and more living thru your rendering from time-to-time.
    Let God prosper you and prosper all who listen you.
    Thanks and Praise to the Holy name of GOD.



  3. Dear father .
    I glad to say that u touch my life when I saw in calicut 2 years before I am a drunken young boy through u r speech I now trying to stop alchohol and may passion with god thanks father u done a brave work for me via books and preaching I think u r the meaningful father, to captivating us in jesus
    Thanking you
    Shijo p j +


  4. There is no words to express my feelings about this talk …thank you father for giving such a wonderful message. Look forward to get more of them.


  5. simple are your words
    deep are your thoughts
    the impressions you make
    are great in our heart

    thank you for making us understand so much about home sweet home


  6. Respected father,

    I am regular listener of ‘Gurucharanam’ and it is a great source of knowledge and life inspiration.
    Please pray for us


    1. . Please pray for me and my family. We are going through tough times, please remember us in your prayers.sijovarghese. pavaratty.


  7. Jeevitha pathayil prakasamekunna prathyasayude ponkiranangal vitharunna gurucharanangal .thanks acha….thanks.


  8. Father,

    I listen to your speeches regularly. Please pray for me and my family. We are going through tough times, please remember us in your prayers.


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