Malayalam Christian Funeral Songs [Latin Catholic Rite]

Latin Catholic Rite has a great wealth of beautiful and heart touching funeral songs , Here you can find the hand picked collection of funeral songs from them. Click on each songs to directly download.

55 thoughts on “Malayalam Christian Funeral Songs [Latin Catholic Rite]

  1. Thanks team, this is a real wonderful collection, also it is very easy to download…Thanks again.
    I am looking for more songs like Varuvin dhavya Visudhanmare, Azhathil ninnu njan adyamay .., Jeevitha ytrakkara kaladik…etc also latin holy mass…please



  2. I am sesrching for a song. Its lyrics starts as “yesuve nee karunyam tookane ennamatullatham nin kripa vaypinal ennaparathangalokeyum “.can you upload this song for me


    1. Its “Karthave ennil nee kaarunnyam thookane” , we have added it to the downloads collection. Thank you for the request.


  3. i really appreciate the people behind this. i have been looking for the song Karthave Aazhathil Ninnumippol since childhood until i saw it in the movie honeybee as title song. can you please upload a full version of that song.


  4. Thanks a lot for uploding Latitn rite funeral songs. its all heart touching and so beautiful. i wish to have the guitar chords of all some of these songs if you have. Eg. Karthave azhathil…, Varuvin dhanya vishudhanmare… kathave ennil nee karunyam…shanti aruluka natha..
    please do help me….

    yours in our Lord


    1. Click on the song and the files will be prompted for download. If the song is played on browser then you can right click on the link and use “save the link as” option


  5. Do I need to buy the song to use it for a funeral album.Is there copyright issues.All the songs are heart warming.


  6. Actually I tried to download neerchalukal song alone. But on this page I downloaded the all the songs I desired to download. Thank u very much who created this blog.


  7. Excellent. It reminds me of my active parcipation in the Holy Eucharistic Celebration

    Plz have the Opis in Malayalam also uploaded here


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