Maundy Thursday- Pesaha Vyazham Songs

maundy thursdayMaundy Thursday / Pesaha Vyazham marks a very important liturgical day for Christians , The holy mass was founded on the same day. Liturgically songs have a vital role to play during the holy mass. Below are the liturgical songs that are used in Malayalam liturgy.

7 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday- Pesaha Vyazham Songs

  1. Kindly provide download links for all the songs in lent. Some traditional songs like deivathin rajyam purohitanmarumay have great emotional appeal. Kindly provide download links for all our liturgical songs…. which should also be handed over to the new generation.


    1. All the songs are downloadable, you can just right click the song and use the “Save the link as” option to download the song. Some browsers just play the song, instead of clicking the song , just right click and use the “Save the Link as” Option to download the songs.


  2. Holy week full songs upload. sneharajanesunathan eazhunnallunnu. Kamanangalevaninjorungu .snegam niranorubkuthasayil. Krusitha sampoojitha.jeevante appamai altharayil. Unaru unaru hruthayame. Uyrthezhunnettu Nathan.


  3. hope to see the forgotten songs also…There must be songs in the Latin language also. A revival of Latin and Syrian songs will be great…It is an essential part of our cultural and religious identity


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