Thirunama Keerthanam

One of the evergreen Christian devotional album of modern time, “Thirunama keerthanam paduvanallengil” the debut song of this album was a superhit. All the other devotional songs are hits as well, Enjoy the songs and share the love and joy.

15 thoughts on “Thirunama Keerthanam

  1. Thank you so much for this collection.
    As a child , I used to listen to these wonderful albums which was played in the morning at home everyday. Now I can let my kids enjoy them.


  2. Thanks for giving this evergreen album. I was searching for this album in CD Shops in Kochi. But could not find it. Please give the details of any shop that sells this album.


  3. Aaarude enkilum kayyil
    Punyasmaranakale dhambathimaarude hrudhayam niraye pookkalamezhuthum valsalare enna pazhaya christian song undo


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