Praveshana Ganangal – Enterance Songs

Mass Entance songs malayalamHere is a collection of good traditional Malayalam mass entrance songs.  Catholic church have a verity of mass entrance songs that has been liturgically used and traditionally followed.  Here are the best hand picked songs on the entrence category. Download, share and spread the joy

7 thoughts on “Praveshana Ganangal – Enterance Songs

    1. Nice idea, but embedded player could steal more bandwidth, currently our revenue is from the ads we serve and this might not be sufficient to keep us running if we have an embedded player.


  1. Please add the following song if possible. Atmavuragabharitham , vazhthibhagichu vilambi, vangi kazhichalum ente sareeram, pakarnu kudichalum jeeva raktham, ………. I don’t know from which album this song comes.


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