Snehapravaham Christian Devotional Album

Snehapravaham Christian devotional album Snehapravaham is the second album in the Christian devotional songs series released by Tharangini, All of the songs are super hits of all times especially Paithalam Yeshuve, Nayaka Jeeva dayaka, Snehaswaroopa Thavadarshanam etc deserves a special mention. Enjoy the songs , download them and share the Joy.

9 thoughts on “Snehapravaham Christian Devotional Album

  1. Wonderful effort…! Really appreciate your work…

    Could you please upload the songs from “Uthama Geethangal”.. I am searching for the song ‘Modavum Khedavum’ for last 10 years…

    Details of the album is there in the following link…

    Happy to help you if you need any support.



    1. Many thanks for your support, I am also in search of these songs but hard to find a digital copy. Even if you find an old cassette please let me know I can convert them to mp3’s. Also I am in search of a song “Akashame Manna Peyyu, Meghangale onnu nikklu, Varshikkane neethi manee , e mannilekkinnu vegam” Please let me know if you have it.


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