About Us

This is the beginning of my dream project , I have been collecting Christian devotional songs from childhood and I know there will be many like minded people, old folks, veterans, new generation people who love Christian devotional songs. This is for you all , a place to share and download Christian devotional songs for free.

The collection include various old albums converted from cassette tapes to digital formats, a lot of songs are collected directly from church choir’s across Kerala with the help of hand held recorders.  There has been immense passion and dedication towards this to get this possible. There are about 60 Gigabytes of songs in my collection and only about 16 GB has been put on-line so far, there are many limitations like hosting space for files , the huge Internet traffic and bandwidth and Time off course . I am thriving my best to get the entire collection on-line some day.

This is my gospel,  I dream someday I can build a website / a system where people can download devotional songs easily , where they can sort / search for a songs on the basis of track name , artist, album , year , event etc. a sample track playing system where users can listen to track before download. A completely organised Christian devotional database where every track is available to download for free.

Thanks Giving
The list is long and endless, starting from my parents who brought me up in a Christian family, My wife for her immense support for this project, My little  brother a catholic father who has been collecting and providing songs on my request, who owns the credit for most of the songs collected and who has been a resource person for me, who shared his ideas and blessed me with his guidelines.

Members and Moderators of various Social-Media devotional songs groups at whats app and telegram which provided me with their collection of songs.

To my uncle who is a “Kapyar” at our parish for giving me the opportunity to collect songs from the church choir and for the parish sound engineer for his technical support on recording the church ceremonies.

Thanks to various church choir who are the actual STARS who sung the songs for… Pardon for not acknowledging you while recording your voice.