Gregorian Chants – Latin Hymns

grerorian chantsI am adding the traditional list of popular Latin Hymns on continuous request from many especially K T Baiju. These songs where used regularly in old mass, Now their use has been minimised within the walls of monastery and the churches run by monasteries. Many of you will find it nostalgic, for others its a revival of our tradition. Download enjoy and share the joy.

One thought on “Gregorian Chants – Latin Hymns

  1. These hymns draw us closer to the throne of Jesus and to His faithful Apostles and saints. They fill our hearts. These hymns once echoed across the ancient Roman Empire…. My earnest request to the church leadership is that Latin hymns and prayers should be taught to the kids as part of our catechism syllabus. A revival of the language spoken by our Lord Jesus and His blessed Apostles must happen..


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